Why Can’t you Edit Facebook Posts or Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge?

Facebook only began allowing users to edit comments on its Web site three years ago and things are supposed to be really simple. In order to edit a comment, you just have to tap on the comment you want to edit, then choose “Edit Comment”. Once you’re done editing your comment, you have to tap the Update button and that’s all. To edit a post, you must tap on your post, select the option that says “Edit Post”, do the changes and tap on the Save button.

The next time you select your post, you can also view your edit history by selecting “View Edit History”, so there is no big deal. I am sure that every Galaxy S7 Edge owner is capable of following these simple steps and yet, why can’t you edit Facebook posts or comments on your device? This isn’t your fault, but the truth is that there is an problem that many are facing on this device.

If you like things this way, don’t do a thing, but if you want to take advantage of what it truly yours, then, apply the steps from this guide and you will see how simple the error can be solved.

Fix Facebook Posts or Comments Errors on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  • Clearing the cache and data of your device is one of the highly used and common ways to fix such errors. In order to do that, you have to:
  1. Find your way into Settings;
  2. Inside settings, open the Application Manager;
  3. Swipe to the right to open the section that displays ALL apps;
  4. Find and touch Facebook;
  5. Tap Storage;
  6. Tap Clear cache;
  7. Up next, also tap Clear data, Delete.
  • Now, you should restart your device and check whether the problem is solved or not. Most of the time this method works and hopefully it will work for you also;
  • If this doesn’t help you out, then you cannot postpone it any longer: now, it’s time to factory reset your Galaxy S7 Edge. This will wipe your device and set it back to factory defaults, taking everything, including any bugs with it, so follow these steps: How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge;
  • If you notice no change, then report the problem as you’ve done everything in your power to solve it on your own. You can also wait for the Facebook team to roll out a new update to fix it, but this might take time, so reporting it is the wisest thing to do.

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