How to use Voxer on Android

It can be hard to know which free messaging service to use because so many options are available. I am sure that the stock one doesn’t suit your expectations any longer, so in order to help sift through this crowded category of apps, here’s a an amazing mobile messaging app that might be the perfect alternative for you.

I am referring to Voxer which is commonly known as a “push-to-talk” app because when you click on its little talk button, you can send an instant voice message or multimedia message to a friend. The message is either instantly played through your friend’s phone speakers if their Android device is turned on and the app is running too, or it is received as a recorded message like voicemail.

Besides that, keep in mind the fact that Voxer is able to deliver the best of messaging (live and recorded voice, text, as well as photos) all in one smartphone app. Yes, Voxer also enables text and photo messaging, like most mobile messaging apps do. It also enables VOIP voice calling like Skype does, and group messaging.

The data network interoperability for any carrier or WiFi, as well as the military-grade security and encryption convinced me that I must give it a try and I don’t regret it. That is why I encourage you to do the same. Voxer is free and works with all versions of Android and even more, there is also a special business version also is available with extra features for a fee.

See for yourselves by downloading the app from here or by accessing this direct Google Play link.

Isn’t this the best choice? Then, you can Get Rif of your boring default Messaging App with Chomp and this guide, not to mention that you can give a try to a very Promising Messaging Application for Android known as Allo and you will see that it is full of surprises.

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