Showtime App now allows Offline Downloads: How to Enjoy the New Feature

Let me announce you that Showtime has made a big announcement: it seems that their mobile app will allow titles to be downloaded and viewed even without an internet connection. Isn’t this what you’ve complained about from the start? The issue is now solved, so get ready to enjoy it!

The subscribers have always asked for such an ability to download programming on mobile devices and tablets for offline viewing and this is exactly what they are getting now. Well, an update is doing all the wonders, so don’t miss it! The update rolls out to the Showtime app for Android as I am speaking, adding a download button to save movies or TV shows in either standard or high definition to watch without an internet connection.

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This is change that puts Showtime in line with streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, or, Vudu and more as they all offer the ability to save shows to watch without an internet connection.

Do you want more details about how to use the offline-viewing mode? Here’s what you have to do:

How to Enjoy the New Feature:

  1. First of all, you have to update your Showtime app, so download a program by tapping on the “Download” button on the program’s detail page;
  2. As you are an Android smartphone user, you will see a prompt to select a video quality option, either standard definition (540p) or 720p HD;
  3. As a tablet user, you also have the additional option for the highest definition (1080p HD);
  4. Up to this point, you’ll be able to download any of their shows and watch to your beloved content, even if you’re in a dark place with no internet connection (just kidding!);
  5. Even more, there are no limitations to the feature that you should worry about, aside from the amount of room you’ve got on your device to store downloaded shows.

And now, that things have changed, HBO is the only major streaming platform to not offer this feature, but who knows what will happen in the future? I am always here to keep you updated, that’s for sure!

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