Hound is Quicker than a tool like Siri

For those of you who don’t know, the developers of the very popular music recognition app SoundHound launched an awesome digital assistant app named Hound in 2016, putting its voice recognition abilities to new use.

So, it’s obvious the fact that Hound has the benefit of leaning on years of data and it’s pulled in from its core application, which detects music and shows users what song is playing. The data has become powerful enough that users can simply hum songs into Hound and the magic will take place right away as long as the app will show them the song.

In fact, with Hound, you can perform all the activities that you would with any other digital assistant as well as  it easily answers to simple or even complex questions, but it does all these with more accuracy than any other existing digital assistant app I have used.

So, Hound is the fastest and easiest way to get the information, entertainment, and communication services you want as long as the app has been especially built for those who need help. You can get hourly news from NPR, enjoy full song and video playback, as well as listen to a Hound curated playlist, speak what you’re looking for instead of typing: “OK Hound…where’s the nearest sushi restaurant?”, get weather information for today or the next days, ask for a destination and navigate there in no time, find the best hotel, find movie and theater schedules, make quick calculations through voice commands, set multiple alarms and timers at once and not only.

Even more, remember the fact that Google first translates voice to text, and then runs that text against an engine that attempts to generate the meaning for the text. This app works in a different way as the app somehow brings the meaning translation component of it closer to the voice transcription, attempting to determine what the user is asking faster. The result is that the response will be quicker than a tool like Siri, as well as more accurate and yes, this is what we are all looking for these days.

Take Hound from here and make your life easier.