How to Catch Snoopers in the Act by using Intruder Photo Log

Are your friends always checking out your phone? While most of them just intent to take a look at your new phone, some might be just waiting for a chance to play a prank. That’s what happens when you leave your phone in a place where it is accessible to others. Someone might try to peek into your phone.

Are you OK with that? I don’t think so! The best part is that you can easily catch snoopers in the act by using Intruder Photo Log. The same goes for those time when you forgot your phone at home. With the Intruder Photo Log app, you can just login to your Google Drive and see who snoops around

This works pretty simple. With Intruder Photo Log, you can see when others looked at your Android, and how long they spent on it. Even if the person manages to unlock your Android phone successfully, he won’t even get a single clue that his face has been already captured by the app. Yes, you are getting a photo as proof, so no mistakes could interfere.

More than a photo

And the photo isn’t the only thing that you are getting as a proof. You may also easily enable Device admins to get notified on wrong password attempts or enable app usage to have a closer look at what your intruder was interested in.

If you think that others may know about the app too, then set up a pin code to ensure that no one but you can see the log. You can also filter the result to show what you need at the moment. Show all create logs, how only logs you wish to save, in order to see previous saved logs and show only logs when device was opened for more than 20 seconds in order to see what is actually important are the options waiting for you.

And if you tend to be clumsy and easily forget essential things, the Smart unwatched logs notification can remind you to review the log. How could intruders compete with that?

Intruder Photo Log is waiting for you.

As for those times when the spring cleaning reaches to your phone, keep in mind that it is very easy to uninstall the app. Just open it, go into Settings and uncheck Failed Password Attempt. You may now uninstall the app.

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