How to ‘Go Live’ from Facebook Android

Facebook tries to keep up with all the latest trends and I am sure that you are no stranger to live broadcasting from your smartphone. While Facebook originally offered this functionality for celebrities, it has now been rolled out globally. Therefore, here I am to show you how simple is to go live on Facebook.

I don’t know what you have in mind about that, but I think that going live is a good way to engage with your audience or keep in touch with your friends. After all, I am sure that you must have had that feeling of wanting to share some moments with your pals and don’t keep it all for yourself.

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How to ‘Go Live’ from Android:

  1. I first recommend making sure that you have a strong signal;
  2. Then, open up your Facebook app;
  3. You must tap ‘Status’ to write a new Facebook status;
  4. Right below the empty status box, you’ll see a “Live” button. You must tap on that to open up the live feed on your camera;
  5. Select your privacy options and give a brief description of your live broadcast to entice your friends/fans to watch. Well, this isn’t mandatory, but it’s a nice way to let people know why you are going live and what you will be doing;
  6. Now, select either “Go Live” or “Live Video” in order to start one;
  7. Other people will see a “live now” indicator next to your name in your live video post, and it will have a red “LIVE” button on the video which can be expanded to show how long you’ve been live already;
  8. Once the broadcast is finished, you just have to tap ‘Finish’ in the bottom right-hand corner to end the stream;
  9. Your video broadcast will then be uploaded to your Facebook profile for others (that weren’t online at the time) to watch. You’ll receive a message telling you how long the broadcast was, along with an option to delete it. If you don’t want it on your profile, simply tap ‘delete’ and it’ll be removed.