Audials has a very Intuitive Interface

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I honestly think that the rise of smartphones has given a new meaning to the entire word. Who would have previously thought of radio apps that let you listen to the best music ever, on-demand shows, livestreams and podcasts? Audials is a radio app that has an intuitive interface that makes it so easy to listen to streaming radio while you’re on the go. Let me tell you from the start the fact that it offers more than 50,000 stations from around the globe, plus, you can choose radio stations sorted on the basis of genres, countries, top artists, and top hits.

Therefore, just like so many other radio-streaming apps, Audials gives you an enormous list of music genres to choose from, each with a long list of options from around the world, with local choices at the top, but it is more than that.

To be more precise, you can try many different stations, and if you like one, you can mark it as a favorite to come back to it later easily and you even have the chance to record any playing station and save the recording to your phone. It is up to you to record and save music without having to worry about copyright issues and the best part is that this data can be transferred to an SD card.

Besides that, I am excited that Audials offers podcasts that you can listen to. Feel free to choose them based on different categories like arts, business, comedy, etc. or browse one yourself. And if you want, you can also transfer your music from Audials via Chromecast to your TV. And in the Pro version, you can record pieces of music automatically and create large collections of your favorite hits, not to mention that you’ll even be able to listen to them offline.

With these being said, the app is so easy to use, it performs well, and it’s available for free on Google Play. Therefore, if you are also looking for a a solid choice for streaming music with an enormous music library, if you love to create and listen to radio stations of your favorite genres of music, Audials cannot disappoint you.

Download Audials.

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