ASUS PadFone X: Spotted in AnTuTu’s Database

We have all seen that ASUS has just announced the PadFone Mini in Taiwan last week, while PadFone Infinity is set to be released in the US in the near future. But surprises don’t stop here and we have all the reasons to believe that the company is preparing both a PadFone E T008 device and a smartphone/tablet hybrid which will be called Padfone X. This latest model is the one that we’ll focus our attentions towards, especially given the fact that we didn’t t new a thing about this new mysterious device up to now. ASUS Padfone X had just appeared in the AnTuTu’s database, so we tend to believe that someone is already testing some sort of a pre-release version of this handset.

As you know, the company uses this Padfone name for describing its smartphones especially designed to work with optional tablet docks, so things will be no different for this ASUS PadFone X model.

ASUS PadFone X

ASUS PadFone X

We already know that it will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 paired 2 GB of RAM and no less than 16 GB of data storage. As it is expected, this hybrid device will feature the latest Android 4.4 OS version and will give you the chance to enjoy the phone’s hardware with a larger 1920 x 1200 pixel display. And as our source confirms, it will sport a 5MP rear camera too, so it is not too early to say that it seems to score pretty well in benchmarks.

If you are curious about its release date or possible price tag, that’s not the best moment to discuss these aspects. We can only tell you that ASUS will unveil a new line of products at an event in Las Vegas already scheduled on January 6th, so we are more than sure that we’ll find its ASUS PadFone X there.