New Android HP Smartphones Will Hit The Market In 2014

You probably all know a few things about the Hewlett-Packard Company and maybe some of you already own a product from this brand. Although it provides hardware and software services to all eager to experience the HP quality (and yes, we are talking about quality), many of you were probably disappointed about the fact the company hadn’t prepared us any smartphone for 2013. But it seems that things will be different starting to next year, especially now that the company has understood that it is essential to offer us a smartphone model at some point as well.

So, we can finally say that HP is currently working for offering us two new larger devices that will hit the market in 2014. We are talking about both a 6-inch and a 7-inch smartphone which have already managed to capture our attention.

From what we know at this point, these HP devices will be available only in China, Philippines, and India, the possibility of an international release being excluded even from the start. But at least we are talking about a modest price of no more than $200-250 off contract.

Two HP Smartphones Will Hit The Market In 2014

Two HP Smartphones Will Hit The Market In 2014

Some of you might see this as being an inspired choice. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to buy the latest high-end smartphones released on the market, but maybe just a decent model which offers a good voice quality and some nice specs. But others who are not on a tight budget can already understand that these two new HP smartphones will be nothing else than low-end ones.

And it is obviously that HP has some problems at this chapter if we take in consideration their latest Chromebook line of budget Windows laptops, as our source also considers. They might have an attractive design or a portable body, but what about the limited app selection, the poor battery life and their other negative aspects? Are you willing to make such compromises for the sake of money?