AT&T to Roll Out Android 4.3 Update for Galaxy S3

The promised update of Android 4.3 for the famous Galaxy S3 is about to be pushed through by the AT&T network, though there have been some difficulties in carrying out this difficult task, especially with the putting on hold of the international versions of Samsung Galaxy S3 and also other Samsung Galaxy devices.

Since Android OS has recently come with a lot of important features and characteristics, the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with some benefits for Samsung devices only. It gives Samsung Galaxy S3 an improved theme for its interface and makes TouchWiz app better function. But perhaps the most outstanding update would be the compatibility of the device with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, to better perform and interact with the supported devices.

AT&T update for Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

AT&T update for Galaxy S3 Android 4.3

With all these features and characteristics to consider, there have been poor sails for this update, at least concerning the Galaxy S3. The poor sails might come with the fact that the international versions of the smartphone have encountered some issues, and that put Samsung on the difficult spot of pulling out the update in order to solve those issues and prevent them from happening in the future.
This is a rather strange situation since the Galaxy Note 2 updates have not affected the device in any way. So it seemed to work on Note 2, but faced issues on Galaxy S3. That might be perhaps of the different versions sold out in the US and in Europe.

AT&T network has announced that the Android 4.3 update will be finally roll out for its customers, since engineers have managed to solve the issues. The Android 4.3 update comes with a I747UCUEMJB build number and it also includes a 623 MB, so a huge internet connection is mandatory. The update will definitely suit all your needs. Just do not forget to tell us your opinions on the update.


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