OmniROM OmniSwitch makes App Switching easier than ever

There is no surprise that OmniROM is one of the most popular Android 4.4 KitKat based custom ROMs having so many fans all over the world. During the last few months we have seen how the OmniROM team had added more and more interesting features (like OpenDelta, for example) and now it’s the perfect time to talk about the most recent OmniSwitch entry in the application drawers. The idea behind this new feature is something that we all want – making application switching easier than ever as long as this function is extremely important in Android as RAM continues to grow.

What exactly OmniSwitch is?

If you are curious to find out what exactly this new feature is, we want to tell you from the start that OmniSwitch comes as an app-switcher that can be easily launched by swiping towards the center of the screen from a blue hotspot. And the fact that it was created by none other than XDA Senior Member maxwen is a reassurance that it does its job well.

New OmniROM OmniSwitch

New OmniROM OmniSwitch

Action Buttons, Recent apps and Favorites

Don’t worry, you won’t have any problems understanding it! You’ll immediately get used will its three parts: Action Buttons (that have to be used for application control like ‘kill all’, or ‘switch to last app’), Recent apps (which comes as a list of all recent apps where swiping up or down will immediately stop the app) and Favorites (a secondary list of apps which can be easily configured). Even more, you should know that OmniSwitch is highly customizable, so you have the possibility to configure several of its features such as buttons, memory usage, and even to create a new list that can include all your favorite application or those that are frequently used.

For the moment, this OmniSwitch feature practically lets to do almost all the switching between apps with a single swipe and click. What can be easier than that? As our source confirms, Android might indeed have its own way of letting you switch between those apps, but OmniROM doesn’t want to be left behind and has even bigger plans for it. As long as it is just a part of an ongoing project, it seems that the team has already planned to transform it into a replacement of the AOSP recents view. Let’s wait and see if they will eventually succeed!

If you want to find more details, don’t hesitate to check the official page, or if you want to download the package, you can do it directly from here.