Pricing and Availability Details for AT&T Galaxy S5

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AT&T has just announced the pricing and availability details of the Samsung’s Galaxy S5 on its network revealing that the handset is available for preorder starting today, March 21st. But you shouldn’t imagine that we are talking about an affordable handset, not at all! The flagship is available for $199.99 with a 2-year contract, but also for $649.99 for those who don’t want any sort of agreement. Moreover, you can also choose AT&T’s Next plans, so Galaxy S5 can be yours for only $25 per month on AT&T Next 18 or for $32.5/month with AT&T Next 12.

When will Samsung’s Galaxy S5 start selling in AT&T stores?

AT&T has also officially confirmed it will start shipping its Samsung Galaxy S5 preorders in early April, but there is no mention of an actual date; and we should also wait to see the device selling in its stores, but once again the availability details are missing. We know though from Samsung that an April 11th launch date is scheduled for its Galaxy S5, but there is no guarantee that it will immediately reach to AT&T as well .

But there is something else that we can tell you for sure: AT&T will initially have two Galaxy S5 versions in stock, the Charcoal Black and Shimmery White ones, to be more specific, the blue and gold Galaxy S5 models being scheduled to arrive later.

Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit

And don’t you imagine that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is al what the carrier will be also offering us! The list also includes the recently announced Gear 2 ($299) and Gear 2 Neo ($199) smartwatches, as well as the Gear Fit ($199) smartband. And if you decide to pair your Galaxy S5 order with Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo smartwatch until June 5, AT&T offers you a $50 discount.

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