HTC One M8 Kernel Source Released

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Last week, HTC unveiled to the world their latest Android  Flagship smartphone, the already famous HTC One M8. The device is already available for sale on various countries, and it is also available for order as a Google Play Edition.

As required under the GPL, the HTC has offered their kernel source code and framework support files for HTC One M8. The code is available through the HTC Dev center for the regular Sense version of the phone on most of the carriers that sell the respective device, as well as for the Google Play Edition M8.

The download represents two different files, which are available for anybody who want to take a closer look. One file is represented by the mentioned kernel source code and the other one represents the Framework support files.

However, the 131.7 MB of KitKat code will not do any good for the public, though. It was mainly made available for developers in order to improve their app support as well as for tinkerers who want to work on their software modifications. This is actually useful, since it will allow us to see an insight on how this device will work once it is out.

HTC One M8 was made official along with the Google’s Android KitKat 4.4.2, as well as with the HTC’s own user interface, called Sense 6.0. On the other hand, the Google Play Edition phone, does not provide users with the experience of the Sense interface, but is aiming to deliver an experience that is rather closer to the Android as possible.

At the same time, the HTC Smartphone is expected to come with an unlocked bootloader, which should offer users the option to easily load custom ROM on it. I am sure that those of you who already tried a custom ROM will be pleased by this amazing feature offered by the HTC though their One M8 handset.

In case you are interested, the Smartphone will be sold through Google’s Play Store, the same as other similar phones, and it can be pre-ordered through the portal for $699. However, there are no details regarding the time when the Smartphone would be shipped. In what concerns the kernel source code, head over to the official HTC dev center and download both files.

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