Updated Group Play 3.0 with Group Camcorder on Your Galaxy S5

In case you have never heard about Group Play, just learn that the feature has been around ever since the Galaxy S4 was first launched in 2013. And now it seems that an updated 3.0 version has just been released. The feature works simply by pairing multiple devices in order to share music, pictures, documents or other files in real time. The updated 3.0 version is coming though with a flat interface which is rather similar with those seen on other Samsung apps like the S Health for instance, coming with a fresh Group Camcorder feature on the Galaxy S5.

What Does Exactly Group Camcorder Do?

Group Camcorder is an option also enabling you to pair up to 4 handsets and gather together videos from each one, with the host device editing whatever the best shots you have caught on camera or video-recorded. Simply put, it gathers all cameras from all 4 devices with the option of choosing the best shots or video sequences.

Even if the Group Camcorder is coming as standard feature on the Galaxy S5, on other devices like the Galaxy Note 3, the Group Camcorder cannot be accessible for the moment.

The 3.0 version update will be coming soon on Google Play Store, with the possibility of manually install it from the download button. Even if only the Galaxy S5 is the only one enjoying the update, perhaps other devices like S4 or the Galaxy Note 3 will be getting their pieces of the action.

We will keep you updated and we will come back with news on how the updated Group Camcorder 3.0 managed to work on the Galaxy S5. In case you do it before we do, don’t be a stranger and let us know how well it performs! Cheers!

  • Demario Mrdezignz Lofton

    I don’t see how to update mines bcus I don’t have group camcorder and would like to.