Sony Xperia Z3 Images from Vodafone Germany

Sony has released Xperia Z2 in March 2014, but we all know that rumor has it that the Japanese company plans to launch its next flagship installment of the Xperia Z series within six months from the release of this version. In these conditions, we are going to receive a new Sony Xperia Z3 phone in August this year. The latest details come from Vodafone Germany that offers us the first a set of images of this Xperia Z3.

Where is Sony’s Xperia Z3 completely new design?

After taking a closer look to any of the revealed photos, we must admit that we are a little disappointed. All previous rumors have mentioned a completely new design, but to be honest, there are no impressive changes to be noticed. Sony’s classic aesthetics that we are used too is here, just as always, but this is a prototype unit, so maybe the final Xperia Z3 will be a little different.

As for those of you still having a few doubts that this model that we have here is indeed Xperia Z3, we can only tell you that Sony Xperia Z2 is labeled as the L50t, while the Chinese version revealed by Vodafone Germany has the model number L55t, which makes perfect sense.

A Few Technical Details of Xperia Z3

Are there are potential buyers? For you we have prepared even more technical details to take in consideration. It at this point we can tell you that the device will have a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, as well as Adreno 330 graphics, Wi-Fi dual band, microUSB 3.0 and even a triluminos display.

As we all know, the standout specs in Xperia Z2 is its 20.7MP camera sensor with pulsed LED flash, but just imagine that Sony intends to improve the camera further in its new Xperia Z3. There are a few speculations and according to them, the company intends to release a 23.7MP camera phone which would have ultra sensitivity to deem light, as well as an impressive capacity to record 4K native resolution.

Moreover, there are rumors that this new camera will have all the cutting edge features that we are expecting at such as CMOS image sensor, G lens, optical image stabilization, as well as optical image zoom 6X and not only.

And there is one more thing about this Sony Xperia Z3 that we can tell you for sure: according to those photos revealed by Vodafone Germany, we know that the handset is running Android 4.4.4 on firmware build 23.0.G.0.98. We are at least glad to solve the mystery at this chapter as long as previous rumores about Xperia Z3 and the possibility of arriving with Android 4.5 Lion Bar, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or Android 6.0 were indeed more than confusing.

As for Kurozumi Yoshiro, the Creative Director at Sony Mobile said at the consumer Electronics Show that it has big plans for the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 which will be the second popular flagship device in 2014. We can only hope that he is right this time. We’ll keep you updated!