Keep Track of Everything you Copy on your Android Device with Copy Drive

Are you thinking that it’s time to find a clipboard manager?

Then, I might have the perfect solution for you. As you can see, I am talking about none other than Copy Drive which automatically keeps track of everything you copy and that’s not all that it has to offer!

With the help of this simple app, you can check your clipboard history and copy back your items with a single tap, you have the possibility to connect to a computer or laptop over WiFi to instantly share clipboard data and the story continues.

It’s obviously that there is much more to discover about Copy Drive, so that is why I invite you to give it a try and find out more about all that it has to offer to its users.

How to Keep Track of Everything you Copy on your Android Device with Copy Drive:

  1. First of all, you have to take Copy Drive from here;
  2. Then, install it on your Android device, just as you would with any other app;
  3. Amazing features are waiting for you after installation such as:
  4. Persistent notification for accessing clipboard history instantly;
  5. Single tap to copy and paste anywhere!
  6. You can also choose to add items to favorites and filter items by favorites or not favorites;
  7. You can create notes and snippets;
  8. Feel free to edit and delete existing items whenever you might think that it’s the ideal time for that;
  9. Easily share content with other apps that you might be currently using;
  10. Don’t hesitate to create a backup of all your data by exporting it to an Excel file;
  11. Connect to your computer over WiFi if you want to instantly share clipboard data; in order to do that, you have to access this link to download and run server application; then, you have to enter the computer’s IP address in the Settings to add this server, tap the PC icon to import and copy data from PC and then, just hit the Send icon in item’s detailed view to send content to the computer;
  12. Even more, if you go for pro version, even more amazing features are waiting for you: you can enjoy unlimited history (while the free version supports up to no more than 20 entries), you can filter items by content type – Links, Email Addresses or Phone Numbers and you also have the possibility to add or modify your data in Excel file and restore it anytime you might want.

Could this be the clipboard manager that you are truly looking for? I certainly hope that you like my suggestion!

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