4G Network Bug on the Verizon Galaxy S3 OTA Update

Last Wednesday Verizon rolled out a new Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3; well this was, at first side only, a good thing because the new firmware had brought a lot of advantages and new features for the smartphone. Anyway, after this good news it came the bad part: it seems there are several issues with 4G LTE capability and support in matter of that the connectivity is including a slow data speed. While some of the Galaxy S3 users seems that can’t  get a proper speed and only one or two bars spotted on the signal section, others can’t even connect at the 4G LTE network so their handset is blocked on 3G connectivity. If you ask me, until all this will be solved out, or resolved (maybe during a new OTA) it will be better not to apply the software update yet  and wait for the problems to be resolved by Verizon.

Of course, when noticing the issue, the first thought of everyone is to restart the device or to turn it to airplane mode, but this is just a waste of time because it won’t  solve anything. Anyhow, if you have flashed the OTA Jelly Bean OS and if you are dealing with the 4G problem, then you can try to resolve the issue by using the next steps: go to “Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks” and change the network mode to LTE/CDMA instead of Global.

Verizon S3 OTA Update

Verizon S3 OTA Update

Beside camera features, Multi Window, and Mobile Hospot improvements, the update was very impressive and we are hoping to see the 4G problem  solved as soon as possible so the Verizon Galaxy S3 users can enjoy it as they had by now if everything was working as it has to.
Unfortunately there are other issues too; do check the same:

  • beside the network problem that we mentioned above, there is also a poor life battery one (apparently the battery life has been reduced since the Android JB update had been flashed) and there are some problems with the apps. An interesting fact was actually provided by a user who stated that he owns two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones; one that got the official firmware and the other that remained on stock ROM. You can already imagine the results as the stock OS is more stable  than the new one (without force closing errors, network issues and battery drains).
  • the bloatware was in app form called; “Caller Name ID”, and it suppose to be free, but now charges users with $2.99 per month after the duration of the trial. There were rumors about some users that said this update automatically subscribe them to the new app.

For the last problem, some of the users found a possible solution: access “Verizone Wireless online account -> Change Features -> Caller Name ID for Mobile Device and after it is displayed, tap on ‘’Remove” button to unsubscribe” and that’s it.That’s all for now; do share your thoughts with us especially if you have updated your SGS3 with the new Jelly Bean OS.

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