Switch to Dual Camera on LG G5

LG’s inventiveness and desire for better is perfectly realized in the LG G5 dual rear camera. We have seen other interesting ideas on handsets such as the HTC One M8 which combined both lenses to create one image with added depth, but the LG G5 device takes things to a new level as it lets us use each of its cameras independently.

Yes, the LG G5 smartphone sports a dual camera feature that gives every user the possibility to take photos by using either the general or wide-angle lens. To be more precise, I am talking about a main 16MP camera and a wide-angle 8MP one too and you will be surprised to discover that even if the second camera might be considered inferior due to its lower megapixel rating, it’s actually the user’s favorite thanks to its use of a wide-angle lens.

Even more, it is incredibly easy to switch between the two from the camera app. In order to do that, you must ony open the camera app and then pinch or spread your two fingers on the camera screen to switch between the general and wide-angle camera. You should also know that pinching your fingers enables the wide-angle camera, while spreading your fingers enables the general camera.

And there is a secondary way to switch between the general and wide-angle camera by simply tapping on either the general camera icon or wide camera icon.

When the camera is set to wide-angle lens, you can take photos of a range that is wider than the actual field of vision. You are probably aware of the fact that this feature is perfect to be used when you take a photo or record a video of a landscape, of a tall building, a wide beach from a narrow area, but not only. At no less than 135 degrees, this camera can actually see more than the human eye (about 120 to 124 degrees), so use it to capture everything you see and even more than that.

The only downside that I have noticed is that the 8MP shots seem to be a little washed out, with the 16MP images providing better exposure levels, as well as more vibrant colors.

Do you agree with me on that? Have you tried to switch to Dual Camera on LG G5? This is far from time-consuming and you can practically capture any wide area from a narrow area, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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