Android 8-BIT WATERSLIDE has a Unique Design and Aspect

Ever wanted to torture a helpless computer game character? I know how this sounds, trust me on that, but everything is possible these days and the Android 8-BIT WATERSLIDE game is actually about that! It feels kind of brutal for me, to tell you the truth, but there are so many who claim that they like this a lot.

This indie game can be a lot of fun with family and friends. So, even though I don’t agree with the idea, I changed my mind and decided to tell you more about it by simply taking in consideration its 8-bit nature and unique design and aspect.

The Android game features a one touch control, waterslide levels, as well as upgrades and as the name clearly states it, this is an 8-bit waterslide game compiled in an arcade genre. I don’t want to say it but the according to the developers the game is about torturing a small helpless game character as he is sliding down the waterslide.

You have to basically take control of a screaming character- TIPLER as he hurtles along a never ending pixel death slide. But before his end, developers encourage you to do much more: you can set him on fire, shower him in acid and much more. Just remember that it is a game and nothing more than that!

So, who’s supposed to play it, even if it has such sort of a violent idea? Well, only those who truly love retro graphics and have a big sense of humor. Without it, 8-BIT WATERSLIDE would have totally different meanings! And the developers even listened to the users and decided to make ads less intrusive and data-hogging.

Take 8-BIT WATERSLIDE from here and give it a try if you like the idea! And remember – the idea is all a part of a game!

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