Take iOS 11 Control Center on Any Android Device

We all know how the world is divided these days: there are users who choose an iPhone running iOS, as well as others who want a smartphone running the world’s most popular mobile OS, Android. iOS 11 has been available on only iOS devices for a short amount of time, but are you aware of the fact that you can already take iOS 11 Control Center on any Android Device?

This clearly proves that your Android device is very open source and that you can easily have iOS 11 on your handset. Control Center OS 11 is essentially being presented by the developer as a powerful and full function Control Panel experience for all Android devices.

In essence, this is a clone of what Apple has introduced into iOS 11 with the new redesigned Control Center experience. As you can imagine, the user-interface has been replicated, along with the ability to interact with various toggles that can be customized from a dedicated settings panel. The whole thing can be customized by the user to allow it to be accessed from one single screen, just as on the Control Center in iOS 11.

Immediately after downloading the app and installing it, launch the app and you will be taken to the main page from where you can change various settings such as color, size, position, background and not only.

To open the Control Center, you just have to swipe from whichever edge position you have chosen in the settings or touch it to open if you have enabled the Touch to open option. As you imagine, you will be able to get the main features which includes the Lockscreen, the iOS homescreen, notification panel new control center, and not only. And in order to easily add your favorite apps, just locate and tap Add favorite app in the settings menu and then, don’t hesitate to select any four apps installed on your phone you want to add to the Control Center.

Download: Control Center OS 11 for Android from Google Play right away and give it a try! This essentially turns your Android device into one running a replicated version of what Apple is trying to achieve with iOS and you might actually like it.

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