How to Master the Breakneck Game

What is the best part of any game? If your answer is “action”, you may have just stumbled upon one the coolest games you will ever see! Breakneck is a far more interesting game than I was expecting and this is why I decided to tell you more about it as well.

The name is itself perfect to describe this game where you have to master the speeder and defeating the pursuers in high-speed action. And all these are happening right in the middle of an alien occupation, but this makes no difference: you still have to test your limits and your control, do your best to earn as many rewards as possible and risk. After all, life is all about risking, isn’t it?

Of course, on the way there will also be various bonuses and coins that you need to improve your already fast ship, but don’t count only on them as they are not enough for completing your missions.

The game features weekly thrilling action gameplay, as well as daily and weekly missions to test your abilities, as well as amazing 3D graphics and environments. When it comes to the environment, they reset every day, so you will never get bored and you always have a new path to explore.

Even more, there are weekly tournament and leaderboards to compete with survivors. Boost, unlockable ship upgrades, ghost race and more, as the main motive is to fly further and rank higher then keep going again and again. And not only the visuals, but the music is also fantastic – I am talking about an original soundtrack by musical artist Kadington – and you have a mix of everything: dynamic gameplay, different locations with multiple obstacles and hazards and ultramodern graphics that are hard to find.

You really should give this game a try! The download link is right here.

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and if you need any help, that is why I am here in the first place.

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