European LG G3 Receives First Firmware Update

Here we are to tell you that the European version of LG G3 with model number D855 has just received its first firmware update, but no, we are not talking about Android 4.4.4, as many of you might be thinking about at this moment. Sadly, t’s still the same version the handset was launched with in the first place: Android 4.4.2, having the new software version V10e.

Do you like waiting?

The firmware update is available for the owners in the UK and some parts of Asia who have unlocked their version of LG G3 (D855), but if neither of these options is for you, we can tell you just one thing: you should stay relaxed as long as many other regions and carrier variants are included in the list of this firmware update in the upcoming days and weeks.

Even more, if you don’t like waiting and you are the owner of the European version of LG G3, don’t hesitate to check for the availability of V10e by navigating to Settings >About phone > Update Centre. And you should also know that the developers have also shared the KDZ file of the update, so if you live in any other region, you have the possibility to install the files manually (use this download link for the V10e software version), but only if you are aware of the risks that such a procedure involves.

What is Android 4.4.2 version V10e Offering Us?

We must tell you from the start that the issue regarding what’s new in v10e might not be exactly what you are looking for. The update dialog only mentions some app updates or “power optimizations”, according to the region that you live in and nothing more than that for now.

And no matter what Android 4.4.4 dreams you might have, as we have told you from the start, this version is still based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, so the handset won’t change too much after applying the update.

Some owners that have already updated the handset have also mentioned that it feels snapier and less laggy and we like the idea, so don’t forget to write after applying the update on your own LG G3 as well. Do you see the differences too? What other features are included? The comments area is waiting for you!