HP SlateBook x2 Released with Tegra 4 CPU

The tablet we’ve been waiting for for months was finally seen on HP’s US sales website. The device is HP’s entry on the Android market, currently dominated by ASUS. Carrying the model name HP SlateBook 10-h010nr x2 PC, the handset is listed as a PC, although it’s an Android tablet for sure. HP confirmed with CNET that the SlateBook 10 is now available and shipping to customers. The device can be used as a tablet or a notebook, coming with a removable keyboard dock which houses an additional battery for longer usage. Its design is Transformer-inspired by ASUS.

The SlateBook x2 features Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it is powered by Nvidia’s latest Tegra 4 quad-core processor. The keyboard dock magnetically attaches to the tablet, turning it into a small laptop. According to our source, the Slatebook x2 will hit European markets soon, US markets in late August and it will also launch in Japan on Monday. It is available for $479 at the moment. The slate is well built, while sources say it feels durable, but is a little heavy thanks to the aluminum design. The tablet has two front facing speakers and also, the power and volume buttons are flat, so this is a nice touch as well.

HP Slatebook x2 detached

HP Slatebook x2 detached

Specs wise, the tablet comes with 16 GB of internal storage, 2 GB of RAM and a 1920×1200 resolution 10.1 inch display. It also houses a full size SD slot for expanding storage and USB 2.0. Comparisons show it passes the Nexus 10 in power and speed. The SlateBook x2 comes out of the box with Chrome Browser and NVIDIA Tegra Zone for some stellar gaming. Only good words on the new device from HP, so we’re eager to get our hands on it and tell you more.

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