Flash Android 6.0 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S6 for UK Users

Samsung has just started testing the next version of Android through a public beta program. Galaxy S6 users in the UK are the ones having the chance to test out Android 6.0 Marshmallow on their device, thanks to this beta build rolling out, so don’t miss your chance if you are one of them too.

If you’re in the UK and own this smartphone, then you can get in on the action, but note a few things. First of all, this is not the OTA update, so users have to get registered and then ask for a roll out for their specific device. After doing that, Samsung will analyze the request and will reply within a 24 hr. timeframe window.

Then, note that backing up your data is still recommended, as you can never be too sure about what it can happen to it. So, do not hesitate to save all your important contacts, call logs, text messages, internet settings, images, videos, audio files, EFS folder, market apps, calendar info, saved passwords, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on and be prepared for whatever might happen.

Make sure that you have installed the Samsung USB drivers for your Galaxy S6 and do not start without checking the battery status. If there is not enough power left, plug in the charger and take no chances. The firmware that currently runs on your Galaxy S6 must have the BTU product code. You can find that by using a dedicated app from Google Play (get the app from here) and enable USB Debugging mode on your beloved Galaxy S6.

Unless you’re using a locally bought Galaxy S6 in the UK and you have followed the steps from above, keep in mind that the given instructions will put your phone in risk. Don’t blame me if anything goes wrong as long as you are the one responsible for your smartphone!

Now, I can say that you are prepared to follow our guide below to find out how you can start using Android Marshmallow on your Galaxy S6:

Flash Android 6.0 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S6:

  1. First of all, you have to download the Galaxy Care app from Google Play or use the APK that can be found here;
  2. Install it on your Galaxy S6 device;
  3. Then, launch the Galaxy Care tool on your Samsung Galaxy S6;
  4. Agree with the Legal Terms and conditions;
  5. Up next, you have to click next to go the next main screen;
  6. Now, at the top of the app, swipe around and you will see a screen where it says “Participate Galaxy Beta Program”;
  7. Tap on Join;
  8. Then, just press on the Registration key at the bottom.

That was all! That’s how you can get the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow beta update on your own Samsung Galaxy S6. However, as I have told you from the start, you have registered and asked for a roll out that is specific for your device, but it is only up to Samsung to analyze and accept your request.

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