How to Quicly Edit and Share your Videos with WeVideo

Despite of the fact that videos captured by Android phones and tablets are both very convenient and of high quality, the truth is that sometimes we will need to do some editing work on videos on Android devices on the go for better quality or for more personalization. Do you also dream of turning the raw footage into something more polished? Then, you are probably looking for some great Android video editing apps and your presence right here will not remain unrewarded.

Let me tell you that WeVideo is a great choice that you should take in consideration as all you need are just a few minutes to make some trims and create something truly original.

If you are used to back up your photos and video to Google through its Photos app or Drive, then be connect your account to WeVideo in order to import any past clips to make your movie. However, if this is not your option, then WeVideo can also shoot videos with a clean interface that gets out of the way.

Then, you are the point where you have to start cutting down the video length. Just slide the bars on either side to snip off the beginning or ending parts that aren’t necessary. This is very simple, but the truth is that adding in audio gets a little more complicated.

I am saying that as long as WeVideo wants to upload songs stored locally on your device. If you stream through a service like Google Play Music and don’t store any music files offline, then you must use the default notification sounds that ship with your phone or tablet. So, don’t hesitate to start downloading some tunes if you want to truly express your personality!

Take the app from here and start applying all that you have read!

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