Enjoy The Pac-Man Retro Game

Some of you probably remember Pac-Man, the classic video game which was first launched as an arcade machine game in 1980. Those days are long gone and yet, some of us still miss the 8-bit graphics and game music that once made our childhood so beautiful! If you want to be transported back to 1980 or if you are simply curious to find out what it was like to play video games from those days, then head over to the Play Store and look for some amazing retro games.

Yes, I know that many of best games for Android show how powerful modern phones are, but you also know that there is something especially neat about playing retro games on your Android device and Pac-Man is one of those choices that you will not regret making. Getting inspiration from the game, some clever Android developers have created this special Android version with lots of levels, lots of fun, as well as a free tournaments section to play with your friends.

The gameplay is not at all complicated: you basically have to swipe anywhere on the screen causes the Pac-Man to start chomping in a new direction. However, you must try to avoid the ghosts who are bent on destroying Pac-Man and preventing him from clearing the dots and this might cause you some trouble. The ghosts will get faster and faster on each screen, but so will your Pac-Man.

And this is how you will practically end up in a race to the finish with your Pac-Man. There are a few tips to take in consideration: once you eat a special fat point, all those terrible ghosts become vulnerable, and you can easily swallow them. They will most likely sense the danger and try to avoid you and if you eat them, be careful as they will double.

The Pac-Man app also has various types of gameplay that make for an interesting experience. You get the chance to compete with other players in tournaments and remember that bonus rounds give you extra lives or a fresh play, not to mention those new mazes of all shapes and sizes available to add to your collection!

And besides all these, what would such a game be without an original soundtrack and music? Just give it a try and admit that there has to something special about it! Just think of the fact that the game has been with us for so many years, it survived the shift to consoles, it survived through the PC era as well and now it knows that Android is the best OS and it once again made the changes!

Take Pac-Man from here and don’t waste any more time! You and your Pac-Man have a mission to win!

You can also Give a Try to Super Phantom Cat, a very interesting Android retro 2D game platform or learn how to Play Retro Games on your Android Device with the help of an emulator that can provide you a virtual environment.

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