Take on the role of a Powerful Etherlord in the Etherlords Game

Let me tell you more about a game that is fun to play for hours and hours. Etherlords is a strategy based game with serious electric battles, exceptional animations, as well as great visual effects, so what do you say? Do you dare to immerse yourself in Etherlords, a fantasy universe where the Vitals, Kinets, as well as Chaots are locked in a deadly confrontation for the world’s essential resource – that it limited, of course?

Taking on the role of a powerful Etherlord, you must fight other demigods using a vast array of collectible creatures to win valuable Matter, the vital ingredient that I have told you about from the start.

You can only imagine that your task is not a simple one, but you have to crush your enemies, collect and evolve your creatures, and discover interesting strategies to dominate in PvP battles, as well as the daily tournaments. I also have to tell you from the start the fact that the game with its easy to navigate interface is created specifically for playing with just one finger, on the move or while commuting.

With more than 200 creatures and heroes to command offline, seasonal and daily events featuring exclusive gameplay and novel enemies, PvP battles and optimized smartphone controls, Etherlords seems to have all the ingredients of a full-scale strategy title. And I am not the only one who loves this game! Etherlords has a Facebook page with latest news and best victory strategies. Stay up to date with the latest news and best victory strategies on the official Etherlords Facebook page that can be accessed directly from here.

And if you haven’t grabbed the game up to now, do not waste any more tine and do it now from this Google Play link. You won’t regret it, I can assure you of that!

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