Android Firefly Online To Be Released In Q2 2014.

Firefly Online, a game based on the well known television series, has been announced during Comic Con. Developed by Fox Digital Entertainment (FDE) and QMx Interactive Inc. (QMXi), the game is set to be released in 2014. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but we know it’s not going to be in the next year’s beginning, as the Firefly Online announcement says something about a summer release. The game will be available for Android smartphones and tablets, but it will also hit iOS. The game was much expected by TV series fans, who can’t wait for it to land in the Play Store.
For those of you who are not so familiar with the plot, let me point out some of the key action so that you’ll get an idea about what Firefly Online is about. When playing, you get to be a ship captain which is said to be “just like Capt. Mal Reynolds from the show.” You must find a job, hire a crew, lead missions and keep flying. You will be competing with millions of other players and you’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive. According to our source, you’ll also get to customize your ship, misbehave in space and participate in planet-side adventures. The game will have a social aspect, meaning that you will be able to contact other players and fans of the game, just like in the case of Counter Strike, for example.

Firefly Online capture

Firefly Online capture

Firefly Online will have cross-platform, cross-device support which means you will be able to play anywhere. While expecting the release of the game, you can preregister on, where you must first create an account. We’re hoping we haven’t made you very impatient about the release and we’re waiting to play together in a year. Get your wings on and keep flying!

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