How to Opt Out of the Android P Beta Program

Things look great at this point: the Android P Beta is available for a number of devices and those who don’t currently own one of the supported handsets have to wait until the Android P Beta expands to include their smartphone too. For those who can do it, it’s far too easy and tempting to join Google’s Android beta program.

It is a matter of a click of a button to enroll your device and start helping Google test its latest and greatest software before the public, so how can you refuse that? Well, installing Android P Beta will essentially make you a beta tester and subject your device to run a software that’s nothing more than a work in progress.

As the name suggests, this build of Android P is in beta stage and for the testing purpose. As it is still in an early stage of development, it isn’t the best idea to flash this ROM if you have little to no experience in software development. And if you normally rely on your phone for daily use, running on this firmware could potentially cause issues with emergency services or the general stability of your device.

Have all these turned into a problem and you want a way out? Well, there is always a price to pay for staying on the bleeding edge of software updates, so start acting in your favor again.

You should know that opting out of the Android P Beta program will cause you to lose data on the device. Updating to Android P meant accepting a version that installs some system files that simply won’t work with the previous firmware, so going back to Oreo will necessitate a factory reset that’ll remove these files. Yes, this will wipe all user data from the device, so I hope that you are prepared for that!

However, staying on Android P Beta and updating to its official version due in the fall will preserve your data, yet something tells me that you have already decided what’s the best for you.

So, if you are ready to return to the currently public version of Android, just go to the Beta Program page (go to the Android Beta website) and click Unenroll Device.

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