Charge your Galaxy S8 smartphone wirelessly

Your Galaxy S8 seems to have it all and this includes a huge screen, water resistance and microSD card support, but fast wireless charging something that we often tend to forget. Here we’ll be going over what you need to know about Galaxy S8 fast wireless charging which allows you to move past the need of dealing with cables and elegantly have your handset charging on your desk at work or later at home.

Without such an option, the truth is that Galaxy S8 could not meet the daily office needs since its battery life is so modest.

The fast wireless charging capabilities of this handset are compatible with both WPC and PMA standards. In other words, the device that you own is basically compatible with most any mobile wireless charger you come across and you can get the added bump in speed if you find a compatible fast wireless charger.

Samsung Galaxy S8 choose wireless charging transmitter system with 10W transmissible power to support wireless fast charging which enhances the charging rate, while heat dissipation performs better than expected, so there is no reason to worry about. Even better, there are some wireless chargers online that you can choose from and some of them even provide “fast” charging capabilities.

Even more, I want to tell you more about the amazing DanForce Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad. The fact that it’s less than half the price of a Samsung brand wireless charger is a major plus and besides that, it works great! It turns blue as soon as it starts charging so you always know it is working, while the Over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit protection convinced me that it can ensure safety for my phone.

You can grab it from here.

And if you choose the official Samsung a convertible pad/stand for the S8 that retails for $80 you will definitely get the best experience possible. The point is that the choice is all yours: there are plenty of wireless charging stands and pad options compatible with the Galaxy S8, from chargers designed by Samsung to third-party products.

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