YouTube as a Source of Educational Content

There is no secret about the fact that YouTube is used for a lot of things. You can find all sorts of homemade videos, music videos, and other entertainment there. However, people tend to skip that part where YouTube is an actual source of educational content. Hasn’t it ever crossed you mind that one of the most popular websites on the planet can actually be a vast resource for educational content? It’s time to change that!

Before the 90s technology boom, the greatest sources of learning were none others than school, books and newspapers. I don’t say that they aren’t essential these days too, but the point is that they can also be complemented by other sources such as the one that I want to tell you more about today.

You have to admit the fact that YouTube is an excellent repository for audiovisual content, which allows, for example, to create your own channels where you can group content, which makes video sharing and organizing content by subject easier than ever.

Even more, uploading eLearning content to YouTube makes it available throughout the YouTube network, which means that your learners can access it and view it on the go via their smartphones and tablets, devices used in mobile learning. It doesn’t matter how small the screen is, but YouTube can be a platform for both searching online video resources and sharing videos.

So, YouTube turns into a repository for saving and sharing any lectures you record, any presentations you might attend and so on. Do you want to learn? Well, on Youtube, there are videos and videos – much more than someone can count – and many of them can teach you things that range from mathematics to cooking, art and culture to drawing, from music theory to physics, and pretty much whatever else you can think of or need to discover.

The hard part is finding the best videos for your wishes, but it isn’t impossible with such a powerful tool. Between these many resources, you might get a little bit confused, but in time, you should have no trouble finding videos appropriate for the topics that you have in mind. If you do find a subject that’s not covered though, you can always make your own video and share it on YouTube to help out others.

After all, I bet that most people you know have used tutorials uploaded to YouTube. Some uploaders even have full courses posted here and you can become one of them too!

Take the YouTube app from here, if you don’t have it already and start seeing YouTube in a different way!

While YouTube’s should be one of those places to turn when looking for educational content, you can also discover other sources such as all those amazing Google Play apps build with this very purpose in mind.

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