Google’s Official Roadmap Reveals its plans for the Android Wear Platform

Google has just posted an official roadmap revealing its plans for updating the Android Wear platform before the end of this year. Moreover, we can take this as a new confirmation of the fact that all smartwatches running Android Wear will get the updates as soon as they are going to be ready, so what do you say? Are you prepared to find out of what updates we are talking about?

Offline Music Playback and a GPS Sensor

In the first place, here we are to tell you that the update will bring offline music playback and a GPS sensor to Android Wear powered watch. In such a situation, the music stored on an Android Wear powered watch can be easily heard over Bluetooth headphones without the need for a smartphone to pair with.

Moreover, just imagine that your Android Wear-powered smartwatch has a built-in GPS and what this could mean! As you can already imagine, this gives you the possibility to track your speed and distance covered by using that and not your phone’s GPS sensor.

Completely Change the Design

The next update that Google will be offering is special as well! This will let you customize the face on your watch by completely changing the design. You can even download a particular watch face that has from the start all of the information you want to see on your watch at one time. According to Google, watch faces are being worked on right now by developers, and will soon be available from the Google Play Store.

And finally, you should also know that Google has listed the latest watches that are currently using (or will be using) Android Wear; we are talking about LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360, Asus Zen Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3, Samsung Gear Live and the list might get even bigger than that.