How to Sync iCloud Calendar to Android Devices in a minute

A lot of people today are on the verge of renouncing their iPhones on the favor of Android devices, and this swift is often underpinned by the need of transferring all the data found on the iPhone to their Android smartphone or tablet. Now, it is just like getting rid of the old to meet the new guy in town. Well, we are referring about syncing all your data form your iCloud Calendar to your new Android device, without the need of actually going through the same boring process all over again. And the article is going to show us how to sync files from one`s iCloud Calendar to his Android smartphone or tablet.

For those who don’t know, iCloud is that wonderful app found on iPhone that lets you sync your calendar along with your phone contacts, addresses, personal files or other important stuff. It also helps you organize and schedule your daily activities. Overall, iCloud is for iPhone what Google is for Android. Basically, the idea is very simple: sync from iCloud Calendar to Google Calendar all you need to sync.

How to Sync My iCloud Calendar to an Android?

Thanks to a guy that really took matter into his own hands and which goes by the name Marten Gajda, you can now have the opportunity to import and “two-way sync” your calendar from iCloud to stock it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There is a certain app, called Smoothsync for your Cloud Calendar that you can actually get it from the Play Store by entering your credentials there. If it doesn’t work, you can also hit this link button to get it right away. Now, don’t worry if it is a paid application, but it is worth paying the cheap price, as you can use it at your own free will and anytime you like. It is a must in our process of syncing from iCloud to Android.

Make sure you enter your account information, confirm all the calendars that you need to sync and then just pinch the settings to your own choice. You can also opt for an auto-sync with a wide range of time intervals to choose from, along with a very interesting opt of syncing back to your iCloud whatever you have transferred on your Android. That`s easy, right?

More than that, the Smoothsync app is fantastic as it can also work on the background without interrupting other running apps or navigating your way online. In case you want to adjust the settings the way you want, just hit it and the Calendar will run normally without any blackouts.

One thing though, when you want to create any events or program different activities, just do not forget to select the right calendar you opt for. Other than that, it is just like using the Google Calendar on an Android device.

For those who don’t know or don’t recall it, iCloud is the Apple`s latest invention in terms of cloud storage or cloud computing service that the company launched on October 12, 2011, reaching around 320 million users by July 2013.

iCloud is a service allowing its users to store any data they have like music, videos or iOS apps on a remote computer that can be later downloaded on devices running on iOS 5 or alter. The iCloud app is also a replacement of the Apple`s old MobileMe service, which used to act the same as a data syncing for contacts, calendars, emails, bookmarks, notes and much more. iCloud also lets you use a wireless connection for backing up your iOS handsets instead of using the iTunes app.

Well folks, this is iCloud and how can you use it to sync your calendar on your Android device. Just hit the Google Play and pay the insignificant fee of $2.99 to have it right away. And remember, it is the best app for syncing all you have on your iPhone to an Android device.

Please feel free to tell us what you think about the app, in case you have decided to download it. We might want to have some first impressions on that matter! Meanwhile, do not forget to also check our site for the latest info on Android and iOS devices. Cheers and write soon!

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