Galaxy S5 Rumored Ahead April 5 in South Korea

The Galaxy S5 might encounter some problems in its home country, since local network operators might be banned for launching the high-end device on the designated data. Thus, instead of the Galaxy S5 being launched on April 11, just like the rest of the networks out there launching the smartphone worldwide at the same time, in South Korea, the device might be launched ahead April 5. The ban will actually stop all South Korean carriers from selling the device for long period of time, which might be for a 45-day period, forcing Samsung to pre-order the S5 starting prior to April 5.

The Korean Herald source states that the ban was set for April 5, since that would be the day when it goes official for the carrier in question, namely South Korea Telecom, the largest carrier in the country. Otherwise, Samsung might encounter issues in launching the device in the entire world.

However, in case the S5 will be launched on the day it is scheduled, only the LG U+, which is the smallest carrier in the country, will have the go ahead to sell the device until the 27th of April. But who knows, perhaps this is a strategy set by Samsung to sell the device prior to April 5, as it will give the company a great opportunity to be successful locally and then worldwide. A lot of high-end smartphones sell good prior to the announced date and Samsung will have enough time to prepare its launching campaign.

However, giving the circumstances, the Galaxy S5 is rumored to be launched later this week, perhaps on Thursday, though it is unlikely that Samsung will have enough time to prepare its flagship for a proper launch event. But since the company is aware of the success that this kind of short-time launch would bring to them, is it likely that the Koreans from Samsung will do their best to get their consumers` money.

What do you think guys? Will South Korea launch the long-awaited Galaxy S5 flagship on Thursday? Would you wait until April 11 or would you rather have it earlier? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on our comment section! Cheers! Keep you posted soon!

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