New Galaxy S9 Wallpapers for your Android Device

You know me up to now: I am not such a big fan of stock wallpapers on principle, but the wallpapers that come packaged with the Samsung Galaxy S9 are truly unique. They’re divers and refreshing as some of them feature some amazing geometric patterns in bold colors, but there’s also a dandelion one, as well as a few styles featuring the exciting “9” branding, and some simple ones with faded color streaks.

Whether you have an older Galaxy device or a Pixel 2, Samsung‘s updated wallpaper library is yours for the taking, thanks to an S9 system dump that brought us so much joy. The XDA user mkc1130 first discovered and posted the leak, which user jubei79 then extracted the wallpapers and believe it or not, these wallpapers can be downloaded and used on any smartphone out there, this including iPhone models.

Do you like the idea too for your iPhone hansdet or Android one? If yes, then let me tell you that here you can find all of the pre-installed wallpapers for the S9 and S9+, and there are no less than 19 in total for you to choose from, so I am sure that there is something for everyone.

New Galaxy S9 Wallpapers for your Android Device:

  1. Fr the start, you have to download all the Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpapers;
  2. Select a location for the wallpapers from the zip such as the desktop. You will have to access the zip right away, so it is in your favor to do that;
  3. Waste no more time and extract them;
  4. You can use your handset’s original USB cord in order to move the Galaxy S9 wallpapers to your current device;
  5. Then, you have to enter into the Settings;
  6. At this point, you are free to select any wallpaper from the new ones for your device and enjoy it for as long as you might want.

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