How to Fix Oppo Realme C1 Bluetooth Errors

No matter how far we have come with Android OS, there will always be small problems. The Bluetooth issues are case in point. Establishing and maintaining a connection between your Oppo Realme C1 and every possible car manufacturer’s device, plus every other type of Bluetooth device, is no simple affair. You’ve seen that by yourself.

Bluetooth problems may occur from time to time while connecting with other devices. And it happens to all devices and not just to your Oppo Realme C1, be sure of that. Namely, a plenty of Android users report a variety of Bluetooth errors every single day. This starts with the connection breaking and reaching to having no chance to connect in the first place.

My honest belief is that there must be a workaround for each problem. And yours is no exception. You paid for a device with the understanding that it would provide Bluetooth. Let’s make sure you get your money’s worth even if we are only talking about such an affordable device.

Take the following steps to make things better:

How to Fix Oppo Realme C1 Bluetooth Errors:

  • First things first, you probably know that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi shouldn’t be turned on at the same time. Maybe you’ve turned it off at one point and that’s the very source of your problem. So, just pull down your status/ notification bar from the top. Now, check if the little Bluetooth icon there is on or not. If it’s not, then your Bluetooth is not on and you need to tap on it to change that;
  • Make sure the device you are trying to connect or pair is within the Bluetooth range. The Bluetooth range for any Android device is thirty feet. Come closer to the device if it is not in the required range;
  • You know that there’s no a limitation on devices you can pair with. You can pair with one, a few, or and so on it’ll give you the same result. However, since Android stores the data of every paired device, this can invoke Bluetooth issues. In order to address this, completely remove all pairings and restart Bluetooth’s system service:
  1. Head over to Settings;
  2. Choose Bluetooth;
  3. Tap Paired devices;
  4. Then, tap the cog-like settings icon and choose Unpair/Forget.
  • Always remember that when connecting with cars or older Bluetooth devices, you need to input the pairing key. Fill in the passkey “0000”, and it should work;
  • Also make sure that your device is discoverable for other Bluetooth devices around. In order to make it discoverable, just go to the Settings on your Oppo Realme C1 and tap on Bluetooth Settings;
  • As you might have heard, the internal storage has a special partition which deals with the temporary cache files. These files speed up the loading time and enable your Android OS to load faster. Try clearing your System Cache as it may be the cause of the Bluetooth problem you are facing. And don’t worry about losing your data. Only the Factory reset will relieve you of everything you stored on your device;
  • Enable, then disable Airplane Mode. The mode disables all broadcasts and cell reception while it is configured. Make sure that it isn’t and this might help;
  • Also verify that your phone is up to date. You know that updates have become available for the handset that specifically target these Bluetooth issues. To make sure your Realme C1 is up-to-date, go to Settings > About device > Software Update > Check for updates.

Hope the above solutions for this annoying Bluetooth problem worked for you. If you have any other useful ways to fix the issue, welcome to share them in the comments below.

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