Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I gets Updated to Android 4.4.4

Samsung has just started to push out the Android 4.4.4 update for its Galaxy S3 Neo before any other model in its lineup and even before Galaxy S5. We don’t really understand such a decision, but who are we to criticize that? Let’s just enjoy what the company is offering us and let us tell you more on this topic. We are sure that there are many Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I owners out there who are really excited about the fact that their device gets updated to Android 4.4.4.

Android 4.4.4: Over-the-air download and Through Kies

The update that we are talking about is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I device in Kazakhstan with build number I9300IXXUBNH3, but Samsung has officially revealed that it will be available not only as an over-the-air download, by through Kies as well. So, be sure that it is just a matter of days until receiving the update and nothing more than that!

Anyway, don’t forget that the update will gradually roll out, as it usually happens, but just have a little more patience! You have waited so long already, so a few days won’t kill you.

Only a Few Bug and Security Fixes

Moreover, we are sure that you are curious about the changelog, but sadly, we don’t have great news at this chapter. The Android 4.4.4 update comes only with a few bug and security fixes that are a part of Android 4.4.4 along with a more fluid interface and a transparent status bar, but that’s pretty much all that it can offer us!

Be sure that we’ll let you know when Samsung rolls out the update to other devices, so don’t hesitate to check on us later!

We’ll be back with fresh details as soon as possible, you can be sure of that!


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