Meizu FlymeOS Now Available for Google Nexus 5

I know that Nexus branded devices are great because you can enjoy stock and pure Android systems right of the box. But, if you are an advanced Android user who is trying to spice things up a little bit, then testing something new and different isn’t such a bad idea. So, in that matter, maybe you will be interested in finding out that Meizu’s own stock Android firmware, FlymeOS, is now available for Google Nexus 5.

Of course I am not talking about an official Android roll out, as updating your Google Nexus 5 with FLymeOS is possible only thanks to those of xda-developers. They ported the Meizu stock ROM and customized the firmware for our Google Nexus 5.

Apparently, the firmware is stable enough for a daily use as according to the devs and to the users who have already tested it, FlymeOS is running without any problems on the Nexus 5. The only problem might be Android KitKat, the firmware version that is powering Meizu FlymeOS. Anyway, as already mentioned, if you are willing to try something new and if you want to see what kind of UI is installed on Meizu branded devices, you can anytime download this new custom ROM – you can get the update from this page.

Now, if you want to install this ROM on your Google Nexus 5, then you will have to root your phone first. Also, you need to install a custom recovery image, such as CWM or TWRP recovery on your device as the update comes in form of a .zip file.

As for the proper installation process, you can learn how to update your Nexus 5 with custom ROMs by using our detailed and dedicated tutorial (you can also check how to prepare your phone for the flashing process by using this guide). Just be careful when doing so as the warranty of your phone will get void.

So, there you have it; Meizu FlymeOS is now available for your Google Nexus 5. What do you say, are you ready to try this firmware, or you rather choose a different ROM instead?