Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop OS OTA Released for Galaxy S4 LTE

Samsung just released a new Android OTA update for the LTE variant of Galaxy S4. So, it seems that the recent Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge launch during MWC 2015 didn’t stop Samsung from planning other software roll outs for its previous versions of the Galaxy lineup. Thus, in that matter, Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop firmware is now available for the Galaxy S4 LTE I9505.

The XXUHOA7 software release is offered in form of an OTA update, which means that you should receive the official Lollipop notification any time now. Thus, just slide down the notification panel on your Galaxy S4 LTE and check if the OTA has been spotted or not. Also, you can anytime manually check for the update by heading towards “menu – settings – about phone – software version – check for updates”. If the OTA is available, enable a WiFi connection and then follow on screen prompts in order to update your SGS4 to official Android 5.0.1 Lollipop XXUHOA7 OS.

Do note that since we are talking about an OTA roll out, the Lollipop firmware is offered gradually or in phases. Thus, not all the Galaxy S4 LTE users will be able to receive the notification at the same time. Moreover, for being able to embrace the OTA, your phone must be unrooted and powered by stock Android software; else, the notification can’t be spotted, thus you cannot flash OTA XXUHOA7 OS. In that matter, you might have to use Odin for manually updating your Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE – a proper update procedure is being detailed on our how to section.

Also, the same update is available through Samsung KIES, so you can choose any update procedure you prefer. Of course, in the end, after testing the new Lollipop built on your own Galaxy S4 I9505, don’t hesitate and return here for sharing your impressions with us and with other users that might want to find out more details about the mentioned update.