Update Galaxy S4 LTE to Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop OS using Odin

A new OTA update has been released for your Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE, so as usual, I will show you how to manually apply this new firmware on your device, through Odin. Therefore, if you cannot apply the Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop OS in OTA form, then you should just follow the guidelines from below. As you will see, the manual update procedure can be easily completed, so you will be done in just a few minutes and without dealing with any kind of problems.

As you know, the OTA releases are pushed out in phases by Samsung and by any other manufacturer in that matter. Moreover, depending on each retail the firmware is rolled out in different moments. Thus, most likely, not all the Galaxy S4 I9505 will receive the Lollipop notification at the same time. But, you can now skip the wait by choosing to flash the Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 OS manually. In this way you can test the latest built of Android right away, without waiting for anything else.

Also this tutorial will be great for those who have a rooted Galaxy S4, or a phone that is running on a custom ROM – in that situation the OTA can’t be spotted, unless you first downgrade your phone back to stock. But, you can use Odin for applying stock XXUHOA7 Android 5.0.1 OS, even though if you choose to do so, the root access will be eventually revoked – you will then have to find a new root method that is compatible with the new Lollipop firmware.

So, bottom line we will keep everything official, even though a manual update operation is implied. Odin is therefore also official, a program that is in fact provided by Samsung and used especially on these types of operations. Thus, if you choose to apply this update tutorial you will not risk anything – the warranty of your SGS4 LTE will not get void and you will not have to install and use custom or complex tools.

As for the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop XXUHOA7 OS, according to the users who have already tested the ROM, everything is working without problems – there aren’t bugs, lags or any other software related issue reported until now. After all, we are talking about an official release and not about a leaked firmware or a ported software that is only based on stock OS.

It is important to know that a backup is recommended. Even though your data should be in safe hands while using Odin, when you are manually updating your Galaxy S4 your data might get corrupted or even wiped out – that’s happening in rare situations, but still there are chances you end up in losing everything from the internal storage memory of your phone. So, because of that, the best will be to make the backup process possible.

Also, you should charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE before using Odin for flashing stock Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop firmware. If the battery power is currently lower than 50%, your phone might get turned off in the middle of the installation procedure. Well, if that happens, you should know that your smartphone might get bricked – in that matter you can learn how to manually fix your bricked Galaxy S4 by using our dedicated tutorial.

Now, Odin can be installed only on a Windows based computer so make sure you can use such a device. Then, from the same computer you should disable all installed antivirus and any other similar security programs – do it only temporarily, or else you might have problems while trying to complete the steps from below. Next, on your S4 USB debugging must be checked from “menu -> settings -> developer options” – well, you can do so only if you first gain developer rights on your phone (from “menu -> settings -> about phone” tap several times on built number).

This guide is compatible only with the LTE model of Samsung Galaxy S4. Of course that’s happening because Android 5.0.1 Lollipop XXUHOA7 OS has been OTA released only for the mentioned Android based device. Thus, apply this tutorial only in the specified conditions or else you can mess things up really bad.

Update Galaxy S4 LTE to Android 5.0.1 XXUHOA7 Lollipop OS using Odin

  1. On the computer you have prepared, download, unzip and install Odin – you can download the tool for free from any source you want.
  2. Then, download and install Samsung KIES – this software is offered by default by Samsung.
  3. Also, download the Android XXUHOA7 firmware file from SamMobile.
  4. Use Samsung KIES and install the Galaxy S4 LTE USB drivers on your computer and in the end run Odin.
  5. Put your smartphone in download mode: first turn off your phone and then press and hold power, volume down and home buttons for a few moments.
  6. Connect your SGS4 with your PC and check Odin as there the “added” message will be showed while the ID:COM box will be yellow or blue.
  7. If that’s not happening, unplug the USB cord, force restart your Android device, reinstall the Galaxy S4 USB drivers and then retry the steps from above.
  8. Good; now from Odin select the “PA” option and then pick the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware file.
  9. Don’t change anything else on the program and when done click on “start”.
  10. Wait while your SGS4 LTE is being updated – in the end, on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed; also the ID:COM box will now be green.
  11. You can safely unplug the USB cord and reboot your phone.

That’s it; that’s how you can manually update your Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE with official Android 5.0.1 Lollipop XXUHOA7 firmware.

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