Dragon Anywhere – Soon Available for Android

Are you used to Nuance’s software for PC and Mac? I am referring to none other than Dragon Speech Recognition Software which enables users to be more productive than ever, no matter if they work in the office or if they are on the road.

The software became such a popular choice among other apps from the same category thanks to its fast, accurate dictation and transcription, advanced customization and seamless integration across devices. So, even though it is ideal for your business, it can also be used by students to control their computer and create documents, for developers to add speech recognition to in-house and commercial applications or as an intelligent system for healthcare.

Don’t you want all these for your Android device as well? Then, I have great news for you. Nuance which has already built popular dictation applications for Windows and Mac intends to launch its app for Android devices as well under the name “Dragon Anywhere” in the following months. Dragon Anywhere is announced as an app ideal for dictating and editing documents by voice on your Android handsets quickly, even if you are on the go.

As you can see, the company promises us the best once again:

  • Dragon Anywhere will offer a fast dictation and will have high recognition accuracy capabilities in order to let you create and edit documents of any length by voice and adapts to it;
  • Using Dragon Anywhere for Android, you are going to have the chance to use your customized vocabularies, as well as your regular shortcuts and simple commands directly on your Android device;
  • The app will be an amazing personal assistant as it is expected to come with robust voice formatting and editing options in order to edit the transcribed text by selecting words and sentences for editing and deleting through commands;
  • Dragon Anywhere will also support cloud synchronization which includes document sharing through popular cloud platforms like Dropbox and Evernote;
  • You will even have the possibility  to navigate through the report template using your voice, so forget all about manually applying formatting like bold and underline;
  • And that’s not all! Just as Windows and Mac users are putting privacy on the first place when they use an application on their computers, the story isn’t much different on Android either. The application that we are expecting is targeted at Business professionals which involves sensitive data, so keeping everything safe is a must. In such conditions, the client/server communication is over HTTPS using 256-bit encryption, not to mention that Dragon Anywhere won’t access content such as contacts or location on your device.

So, do you want to control your Android by voice too? Have patience as long as Nuance isn’t available for Android devices right now. And be sure that I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know when it becomes official.