Skype for Android Updated with Picture-in-Picture View for Multitasking

Skype for Android has recently received an update that allows users to multitask on their phones, even when being on a video call. The update brings significant changes, well-awaited by most phone and tablet users.

With the new picture-in-picture support, you can easily head over to another app and continue with the conversation, video and all. This addition is very useful, especially since we have seen it within the desktop version of Skype, use it, and now it is making its way to phones and tablets.

After this update, Skype states that chats will load faster, especially when opened from a notification. In the same time, those using Skype for Android will be able to receive pictures from Skype for iPhone users as well as from other Skype clients.

Among other changes, with the new Skype update, you will get support for formatted text such as bold, italic or strikethroughs. In addition, the update brings support for Hindi.

According to the official update change log, if updating, you will get:

  • Chats load faster, especially opened from a notification
  • Picture in picture view lets you keep a video call going
  • Receive Photos from Skype for iPhone and other new clients
  • Supports formatted text: bold italic, strikethrough
  • Native support for Hindi

If you have not received the latest and greatest version of Skype for Android, head over to My Apps in Google Play Store and update manually. If you have automatic update turned on, then, the update should arrive any time now.

Since more and more people are using Skype services on smartphones and tablets, it is natural to expect such as update, an update to bring the same desktop functionalities to out mobile devices, in a way or another. This step is very valuable, and I am sure that we will see many similar changes and improvements in the near future. Hurry and update Skype on your Smartphone to use its brand new features.

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