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Let me tell you from the very beginning the fact that Link Bubble is different from any other web browsers that you might have used up to now. You are aware of the fact that opening links from within apps has never been an easy thing to do.

Blank pages remain there while links are expanded, and only after that they finally open. If waiting is not your thing, then this is a real nightmare. However, Link Bubble is an amazing app that helps you surf the web better and faster than ever before.

Link Bubble tries to make a huge difference by opening those links in the background, giving you the possibility to return to what you were doing while the page loads. After that, it alerts when the page is ready for viewing, so waiting in vain until the page loads becomes a part of the past. Using Link Bubble on your Android device really seems an enjoyable experience and that’s not all!

This browser also lets you load multiple links from any app without closing the current app, not to mention that it comes with integration with other apps, that it has a special reader mode and exciting light/dark themes, that it has Android Wear support and that Link Bubble can even be ‘hidden’ via the notification. When hidden, the app keeps running, but it is no longer visible.

The only major disadvantage was the price (Link Bubble app has a price of around $5, being one of the most expensive apps on Google Play Store at the moment), but things have taken a turn into our favor. The app creator Chris Lacy announced the browser was getting a anonymous owner and he decided to make the app completely free to download.

So, you can enjoy pro features such as an infinite number of bubbles (tabs), themes based on website color or Article mode for Android wear for free. And that’s not all! You’ll be surprised to find out that the owner decided to offer refunds to the users who bought the pro version of the app since its acquisition on August 4th, 2015.

If you’d also like a refund for the recently purchased Link Bubble app, drop a mail to support@linkbubble.com with your transaction ID. This is the best proof of the fact that Link Bubble has different plans for the future, the buyers wanting to build a really strong user base.

Starting to this moment, there is nothing stopping your from enjoying this amazing browser for free. This is why you should use this direct download link and let me know if you like it or not by sharing your thoughts in the comments area or in the contact form.

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