Launcher 10: A Great Replacement of Stock Android Home Launcher

You have seen how easy is to Use Android Scout Launcher, the Ideal Contextual Launcher for your Android device, but don’t you imagine that this is the only special launcher that you can use. To be more precise, I am talking about none other than Launcher 10 which is an ideal replacement of stock home screen given by your OEM.

I must tell you from the start that I personally love its beautiful material design trend, not to mention the fact that it comes with multiple basic functions of an Android launcher like transitions, customization, dock management, alongwith various weather animations like snow, rain, mist, thunderstorm, sunny, cloudy, as well as windy.

Every animation takes place directly on the home screen, it’s fun and unique, so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it:

Learn How to use Launcher 10, a Great Replacement of Stock Home:

  1. Take Launcher 10 by accessing this link;
  2. Install it and let the fun begin;
  3. Multiple weather effects are waiting for you:
  • Snow – Do you miss snowy winter nights from your childhood? This effect is impressive as you can actually see the snow shed on to the icons, so give it a try;
  • Sunny – do you need an umbrella today? Enjoy the power of sun, at least on your Android device;
  • Rain – can’t you imagine the rain sliding over the app icons? Launcher 10 can offer you such an experience;
  • Mist – let the mist form on your display;
  • Have you ever seen Thunderstorms right on your apps? It’s time for that too!;
  • Cloudy – aren’t you afraid of clouds? Then, this option is what you need;
  • Windy –the wind can move in the direction of your scroll;
  • Unique Drawer Transition effects – this special Launcher comes with the most innovative animations that you’ll ever see in your device! Amazing transitions like Crystal, Glow wave, bubble, etc. are there to impress you!;
  • Do not forget that you can find a fully Material designed launcher with impressive Lollipop’s App Drawer Transitions and Animations, stylish Folder Animations and Touch animations, a great Lollipop theme and more;
  • Do you know that you can keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages? Take advantage of that!;
  • At the end, just swipe to right (from first page) to any app and then swipe back to launcher (like you are used to do it in Google now).

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