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There’s never enough time, but the standards we keep for being informed are always high. That’s why we always have and use an Android based device that can keep us informed and up to date – as you know, there are different dedicated apps that can help us in that matter and as you will see, Next News Lock Screen can become your most reliable source of information.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it feels there’s never really a chance to catch up with the subjects that matter. Often, you have to make the most of those free moments of downtime between meetings, during the morning or evening, commute on a bus or train to and from the office. It’s during these moments that I’m really glad I have Next News Lock Screen installed on my smartphone.

Next News is an Android app that helps you catch up on the world headlines that interest you the most. First time you open the app you get to choose the news’ categories, and you select how the app will refresh its stories: on wifi only or on wifi + your mobile data connection.

The initial setup is very brief, you’ll see a short on-boarding sequence – 3 slides that explain how you typically navigate throughout the lock screen – and the app is finally shown. From there, you can easily swipe through headlines, bookmark a story in order to read it later, and, of course, unlock your phone by dragging up the small locker bullet from the bottom of the Android screen.

The app has a bookmarking feature, if you only want to browse through relevant content but don’t have time to read it now, and you can also share content with your friends using your favourite app.

Android Next News Lock Screen is free, it offers basic features, but it has a premium version as well. You can either buy it, it’s $3.31 / EUR 3.59 – odd pricing, I may say – or you can get it for free when you recommend this app to your friends and 5 of them install it.

Next News Premium comes with a popular security feature in Android world – pattern unlock – and with the possibility to enable widgets on the lock screen (clock and weather). There is also a notification widget in the menu, but it’s not enabled yet (coming soon?).

First time I opened the app I was on my mobile data connection and I chose to refresh the content on wifi, but the app warned me about it and didn’t update my stories. The moment I switched to wifi, the app picked up and a loading animation appeared on the screen center, a sign that the app is finally activated. However, this shouldn’t deter anyone from giving this app a shot.

This is Android after all, so you’re not locked into what is preinstalled on your device. There are more lock screen replacements in the Play Store than you can count, but rest assured, Next News Lock Screen is one of the best.

You can download the app from here; also, for further info check the screenshots from below:

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