How to Root Zopo ZP998 by Using the VRoot tool

There is no need for us to tell you that Zopo ZP998 is one of the best octacore Android devices from the current market, but we are sure that many of you want even more than that. Are you also one of those willing to enjoy the maximum potential of their Zopo ZP998 handset? Then, you should root your handset, but there is no reason to deny that any rooting procedure can be considered a complicated one due to all the steps that have to be correctly followed, especially for those who haven’t done anything like that before. Today we have prepared for you a step- by-step tutorial about how to root your Zopo ZP998, but we want to tell you from the start that performing such a modification to your Android device needs an appropriate preparation.

So, before beginning the rooting tutorial, make sure that you respect all the instructions listed below:

How to Root Zopo ZP998

How to Root Zopo ZP998

Review the risks:

  • This guide that we have here is exclusively dedicated to Zopo ZP998 and not to any other Zopo device. So, unless you are the owner of this version, we have warned you about the fact that you cannot follow any of the given procedures;
  • When you apply this rooting operation, the Zopo’s ZP998 warranty will be void and there’s no need for us to tell you what that means; just be sure that you are ready to forget all about those privileges that you are used having at the moment;
  • The procedure here presented has been initially tested, so there are no chances of bricking your device if you correctly follow the instructions. In any case, we are not liable if something doesn’t work according to the plan or in case of bricking your device during this rooting process; we want you to understand that this guide can be followed at your own risk only.

Preparatory steps:

  • You must backup all your important data stored in the internal memory storage of your Zopo ZP998 smartphone before you begin the root guide; otherwise you risk losing important files and there is no way of getting them back’
  • Verify if the device’s battery has enough power for this operation; it should be more than 60 % charged in case you don’t want to see it how its shuts down during the rooting process;
  • Disable any security application you might currently have on your computer. We are referring to your antivirus or firewall programs as long as they could interfere during the following procedures; also check if you have all the necessary drivers already installed on your computer/notebook;
  • Go into Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging and enable the USB debugging option on your handset;
  • Prepare the original USB cable of your Zopo ZP998; you are going to need it later.

Download the VRoot tool in your notebook/computer from here and carefully follow our tutorial, taking each step in the given order:

How to Root your Zopo ZP998 by Using the VRoot tool:

  1. With then your VRoot tool completely downloaded in your PC, it’s time to connect your Zopo ZP998 to the computer by using the original USB wire;
  2. Now enter the ‘ADB Devices’ command in your computer’s command prompt and see the list of handsets connected to the computer;
  3. If your Zopo ZP998 phone isn’t seen as an ADB device then you must install SnapPea and try again;
  4. Open the VRoot tool and click on the green button in the VRoot tool to start the rooting.
  5. This may take a few minutes and once the device is finally rooted, you will see the below blue screen with a check mark confirming that the procedure was indeed successful. You are now able to use your root privileges on your Zopo ZP998 device!
Zopo ZP998 Rooted

Zopo ZP998 Rooted

Let us know in the comments section in case if you face any sort of problems in the process of rooting your device.We’ll try our best to immediately help you; that’s a promise!

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