Learn to Use APK Easy Tool on Android application development

Have you ever been in the situation of wanting to edit an APK file of which you don’t have the source code? If you are someone who is involved in Android application development, you are clearly no stranger to this topic. APK files are Android app packages which are compiled from their original source codes that also include binary files. Thus to bring back an app to its source form, you need to decompile it by reverse engineering process.

This often involves some complicated steps, but I love exceptions to such rules. Don’t you? Thankfully, there’s a tool ready to save the day. I am talking about none other than the APK Easy tool that can be used for both decompiling and compiling APK files easily for Android app modification and editing purposes.

Even if the tool gets stuck when decompiling Google Maps, it works flawless in all other departments, so I wouldn’t waste any more time if I were you. Here’s how you can use it:

Learn to Use APK Easy Tool:

  1. Download the APK Easy Tool;
  2. Extract it right away;
  3. Launch APK Easy Tool from the extracted folder or the shortcuts created after installation. This creates an APK Easy Tool folder in your Documents folder which is where your decompiled APK will be stored;
  4. Up next, you have to click on Select APK ;
  5. Now, navigate your way to the APK you want to decompile and select it;
  6. You may also drag and drop the APK onto the tool;
  7. Your next step is to select Decompile from the available actions;
  8. Once decompiled, you’ll find the contents of the APK file in APK Easy Tool\1-Decompiled APKs inside the Documents folder.
  9. When you’re done modding, recompile APK by clicking on the Compile button;
  10. You can similarly perform any of the other actions with a simple click of the button. Just give yourself a chance to explore what it has to offer!

What else is in your mind about this tool? Let me know via the comments area from below.

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