How to Listen to Your Android Videos While Your Screen is Off

No matter what you do, there are big chances to remain worried about the battery life of your Android device. There are multiple tips and tricks that you can apply (as you can see at the end of this tutorial), but there is always room for improvement.

What do you think of the possibility to listen to your Videos While Your Screen is Off? This could definitely prolong the battery life of your Android smartphone / tablet and now it is possible thanks to an app known as AudioPocket.

This is an application that gives you the chance to listen to videos, in the background, from all your favorite sites while the display remains turned off. How could something like this even be possible?

Well, it seems that the app that I am telling you about has the ability to convert the videos to audio and streams it to your device, offering you such an amazing possibility to listen to the videos even if you close the application or turn off the screen.

Using it is very simple:

How to Listen to Your Videos While Your Screen is Off:

  1. Take AudioPocket from here;
  2. You have to browse for a video you want to listen;
  3. Up next, just share the video to AudioPocket;
  4. This will send the link for AudioPocket so that it can be convert into an Audio stream so that it can be played in the background;
  5. More features and options are waiting for you:
  • Play videos in the Background – AudioPocket does not interfere with any other apps that you might have on your Android device and plays the audio in the background. Like that, you can listen to your videos and perform other tasks at the same time;
  • History playback function – you can enjoy a record of the videos you have ever listened;
  • Loop – feel free to share an audio and you can choose to have it looping or not;
  • Rewind and Forward – don’t forget that you can rewind and forward the audio by 10 seconds;
  • Floating Media Controls – do not hesitate to click on the notification to take advantage of the floating controls that you can drag around and place wherever you want on the screen;
  • Save Data, Battery and Money – you don’t have to watch the video (20+ mb) when you can just listen to it (4-5mb); isn’t it better this way?

And that is not all. It seems that the developers of this amazing app have promised a huge update to be released in the near future with more features to enjoy.

However, I have to admit that the advertisements are annoying in the free version as they pop up quite often, but keep in mind that you can even get rid of ads for free by earning coins. You can use them to purchase extra features such as: No interstitial ads for 1 day, as well as Previous track and not only.

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