Take Advantage of Android LectureNotes on your own Tablet

Stop worrying about your upcoming exams and learn to be productive. Let me remind you that every Android tablet has the potential to be an ideal choice when it comes to taking notes thanks to its form factor and stylus support. However, many of these devices lack the software to truly take advantage of their hardware, and that’s where Android LectureNotes makes the difference.

LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, especially with a stylus. And as you can imagine, it has been designed while having a user at university or at school in mind, so if you find yourself in this category, don’t hesitate to use it as well.

This app is recommended to a lecturer who is using it for preparing a lecture or a student who is using it for taking handwritten notes during a lecture. Let me tell you that its main target devices are tablets with Android 3.0 or later (it is developed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with an S-pen), but there is also an issue that you should know about from the start. LectureNotes is not compatible with those tablets which are hardware-dependent such as pressure sensitivity, so be carfeul!

You could be missing features and functionalities such as:

  • the app allows multiple pages to be simultaneously visible on the screen;
  • it’s ideal for smooth writing, typing, scrolling, and zooming;
  • audio recording and replay (requires LectureRecordings to be installed);
  • notebook export as compressed PDF;
  • notebook export to Evernote (you can enjoy this feature only with the Evernote app already installed);
  • notebook export to OneNote (it works only with the OneNote app to be installed);
  • presentations (requires LecturePresentations to be installed);
  • sharing and import of notebook pages;
  • keyword attachment to notebook pages and automatic indexing;
  • backup and restore of notebooks board.

Note that the limited free version allows you to take notes, add images, graphs, as well as typed text, and even gives you the chance to sync across all of your devices, but the pro version is the one that removes an 8-page limitation for no more than $3.59.

If this is what you want too, then LectureNotes can be taken from here.

Aren’t you a student? Who says that you cannot use this app as well? I think of it as being ideal for business notes and sales presentations, for artists who can use it to create drawings and for everyone who likes to keep things in order.