Take Android Oreo Google Dialer on any Android Device

If you have in mind features such as Auto-fill API, more organized settings app, instant apps and a great look above all these, then I am sure of the fact that the Android Oreo Google Dialer is exactly what you need. And this is also essential to enable Floating Bubble in Google Phone. This is a functional addition to the Dialer and , having it enabled in the default Dialer app by Google makes calling more functional for devices running AOSP firmware.

The floating bubble appears when you are in a call and exit the dialer to access something else in the phone. After that, it is up to you to move the bubble anywhere on the screen. It enables you to manage the basic dialer functionality by allowing to mute, to enable loudspeaker, as well as end a call directly from the bubble, so you should better waste no more time.

The Android Oreo Google Dialer APK can be installed on all Android devices and you don’t even need rooting for that.

Take Android Oreo Google Dialer on any Android Device:

  1. First of all, you must download Android Oreo Google Dialer APK;
  2. Then, it’as time to find your way into Settings;
  3. Now, it’s time to go to Apps;
  4. From the list, tap on your phone’s default phone app;
  5. You must disable the app if possible;
  6. Click on ‘Phone App’ and choose the newly installed Google Dialer app. This will be shown as ‘Phone’, so my advice is not to hesitate to enjoy it!

As a tip, you can enable Floating Bubble on Google Dialer, so tap on App permissions and make sure all the permissions are granted. Then, you must go one step back to the App info screen, scroll down and you will see no more than two options. I am talking about ‘Draw over other apps‘ and ‘Modify system settings‘. Just tap on both of them and enable them both. Enjoy!

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